Mercruiser V6 4.3 Stainless steel one piece high performance exhaust manifolds


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Stainless steel one piece high performance exhaust manifold set to replace Mercruiser cast iron original. there are many variations for 4.3 V6 chev over the years and in manifold and riser configuration ranging from end risers in the early days through 3″ centre riser outlet to wet joint 4′” centre riser to 4″Dry joint centre riser in 7 degree and 14 degree angles.

Variations include  different size spacers between the riser and manifolds and varying brackets depending on year and whether inboard or sterndrive.

The stainless manifolds kits are all one price and are built to exactly replace the original including any brackets for oil filters, electrics etc. The riser configuration as also specific to sterndrive or shaft drive applications. For this reason we need to collect data from you when ordering.

Each kit is supplied with gaskets, bolts, 2 sacrificial replaceable anodes and fitting tool.