350 Chev MPFI complete bobtail marine motor


Brand new Marine Chev 350 MPFI bobtail engine complete from flywheel to pulleys, suitable for repowering your Mercruiser Volvo Penta OMC etc Stern-drive or shaft drive

Includes the correct cast iron manifold/riser configuration for your installation (standard riser height).

Salt water application includes a heat exchanger full closed cooling system-  add $2,000.00 (cools engine block and manifolds)

or supplied with high performance long life stainless steel exhaust system - add $1,590.00

General Specifications

Displacement: 5.7L / 350 CID
Cylinders: V-8

* Bore & Stroke: 4.00 x 3.48
* Compression Ratio: 9.4:1 (High-flow Vortec heads)
* Exhaust: Includes 2 Piece  Manifold /riser configuration in standard height for Mercruiser Volvo OMC  etc. (taller height risers, additional cost) or fitted with high performance stainless steel one piece watercooled headers for an additional $1590.00 -- Please specify what is required.
* Fuel System: Multi-port electric fuel injection (MPFI)
* ECM: Delphi MEFI-5 hardware/software system that is custom calibrated.
* Ignition: HVS High Voltage Switch Ignition System
* Fuel Required: Unleaded, 89-octane minimum.
* Oil Type: Pennzoil Marine (SAE 15W-40), service SJ/CG4
* Oil Capacity: 5.5 quarts with filter
* Oil Filter: Pennzoil PZ3
* Spark Pugs: 41-993 (Platinum Tip)
* Max. RPM: 5,000

Warranty: Factory-Backed 3 year limited warranty including fuel and electrical. High Output 70-Amp Alternator: Produces 25 amps at idle.
Heavy-Duty Sealed Wiring Harness:

Exclusive Multi-step Paint Process: To ensure maximum protection from rust and corrosion.
Beltless, Crankshaft Driven Seawater Pump: Works better and it lasts longer.
Marine-Specific Circulating Water Pump Impeller:
V belt Alternator and Circulation Water pump Belt:

Advanced Valve Train: Camshaft with marine-specific performance profile increases low end torque for hole-shots, while lengthening the flat torque curve for excellent top end power. Hydraulic roller lifters allow use of fast-action cam lobes to boost power while retaining a quiet idle and reducing friction and wear